Mamma mia, what a Merlot festival!

By Gerardo Corleone –

I had the chance to try two different vintages of the red flagship wine by the incredible Braunewell-Brothers and I want to anticipate: There is another big difference then the vintage here!

The Reserve version of Braunewell’s Merlot is characterized by an average yield of about 20 hl/ha (!) and was aged for a minimum of 3 years in the winery (about 2 years in french oak).

This 2009 version with 15(!) abv opens with an intensive bouquet of raisins, dried plums, amarena juice, earth and roasted herbs.
Smooth-silky and elegant mouthfeel here, not too heavy and it doesn’t reveal the 15 abv at all. Lots of dried black fruit and some cinnamon hits the palate together with super grainy tannins and a vivid acidity – Yummi!
Choco-earth-espresso combo in the looooong and slightly warm finish.
That’s a red wine from Germany?
Regarding the style it also could be from Valpolicella – Really interesting one here!


Bouquet: 2,5/3

Palate: 6/7

Finish: 2/3

Overall harmony: 6/7

Rating: 16,5/20 – Really good wine!

Drink: Why do you want to wait? I like how it shows off right NOW!

As they did not want to copy the style of the 2009 vintage, in 2011 they harvested it a bit earlier. This one shows no hint of dried fruit, jam or syrup and has also 15 abv.

More fresh cranberries, crushed blue berries, herbs de provence, burned earth, smoked bacon and a dash of vanilla in the nose.

Seriously fruity and spicy flavours show up on the palate.

Crushed black pepper, morello cherries and more smokey flavours are in great balance with the refreshing acidity – also here no hint of the 15 abv.

Juicy-smooth and powerful finish with lots of ripe black fruit and cigar box in the aftertaste.

Well made!


Bouquet: 2,5/3

Palate: 6/7

Finish: 2/3

Overall harmony: 6.5/7

Rating: 17/20 – Excellent wine!

Drink: This is also already great, but at the same time it has a bright future ahead – store for a couple of years!





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